Here Comes The Sun.

I'm Alexandra, Ali for short.
I'm twenty and have no desire to explain my life story.
I honestly don't even like bio sections.
This is my blog if you wanna take a peek into my life and thoughts.

#ManCrushEveryday #IwanRheon #Misfits #Simon

My first time in four years of having an iPhone, I finally experienced cracking one. Such a sinking feeling. I’m always extremely careful with my phones. This blows. :(

I never smile with my teeth, but hey! #nomakeup #lazyday #tired #yikes

Lovely morning.

Goodmorning 🌞💂🌻💛

Tonight is gunna be so fun with @primitiveginger and @trueenigma420 🌚😜🙊

I love my hair just a little too much.

Can’t you see that you lie to yourself, You can’t see the world through a mirror, It won’t be too late when the smoke clears,
‘Cause I, I am still here.

Let’s hanggg

Coffee and cigs ^.^

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